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Agile WBS Sample is a representative part of Work Breakdown Structure which used for Agile projects, most often used in the IT industry. In IT projects, managers often neglect WBS, believing that in Agile projects there is no place for Work Breakdown Structure. But first of all, WBS is an organizational list of project deliverables. Accordingly, IT projects also have a number of project deliverables, which it makes sense to combine into an appropriate structure before starting to plan a project.

Agile WBS Template can be used to plan each subsequent development stage within the company. Templates are desirable to create unique for each type of company projects. Templates from the Internet can be used as an example to get a visual representation of what Agile WBS can look like.

Agile WBS documentation is needed to facilitate project planning, project work, and analysis of project results.

Agile WBS Examples of other projects of colleagues, from the Internet or books it is good not to duplicate for the project. As each specific project differs by a list of goals, tasks, resources, and so on. Not the fact that an Agile WBS Example that successfully worked somewhere, will work in your particular it-project.