Controlling process group

Project Management: Monitoring and Controlling Process Group - Lesson 4

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The controlling process group contains core processes and facilitating processes.

Following core and facilitating processes interaction:

■ Integrated Change Control — coordinating changes across the entire project.

■ Scope Verification — formalizing acceptance of the project scope.

■ Scope Change Control — controlling changes to project scope.

■ Schedule Control — controlling changes to the project schedule.

■ Cost Control — controlling changes to the project budget.

■ Quality Control — monitoring specific project results to determine if they comply with relevant quality standards and identifying ways to eliminate causes of unsatisfactory performance.

■ Performance Reporting — collecting and disseminating performance information. This includes status reporting, progress measurement, and forecasting.

■ Risk Monitoring and Control — keeping track of identified risks, monitoring residual risks and identifying new risks, ensuring the execution of risk plans, and evaluating their effectiveness in reducing risk.