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This PMP® Training video will help you understand what is Develop Project Charter. Develop Project Charter is a process of developing a document that formall...
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According to Wikipedia, Developing project charter and identifying the stakeholders are the two main actions of the initiating process group.

Inputs to develop a charter can be:

* Project Statement of Work

* Business Case

* Agreements

* Assumptions

* Enterprise standards, industry standards, regulations and norms

* Organizational process, assets and templates

Typically a project manager takes the lead in developing the charter. The project manager will employ his or her expertise and experience to develop the charter. The project manager will work with the key stakeholders (customers and business sponsors), the PMO, Subject Matter Experts inside and outside the organization, other units within the organization and may also work with Industry groups or professional bodies to develop the charter. The project manager will employ facilitation techniques such as brainstorming, problem solving, conflict resolution, meetings, expectations management etc. to develop the charter.

The charter once signed will provide authority to the project manager to officially execute the project and employ organizational funds and resources to make the project successful.