Go no go decision presentation

CMMC Full Presentation at Listening Session with Stacy Bostjanick

In this presentation, Stacy discusses the future of CMMC implementation. CMMC level requirements will be a go/no-go decision, and proposals will be turned aw...
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Go/No-Go Decision Presentation is the accompanying visual material for the meeting, where the decision is made to continue working on the project or to stop working on the project. The presentation is needed to visualize the points of the message manager, who reports on the results of the preparatory work on the project, project planning or work on the project. The decision Go or No Go on a project can be made more often than once in the entire history of the project.

Start presentation with project details to bring everyone present to the meeting to the heart of the project. Here, specify Scope of Implementation, Functional Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Quality / Confidence Level and Implementation Planning.

Focus on the details. Remember that the presentation affects the decision to continue or not to continue working on the project. And this can determine the fate of the company, your colleagues and users.

Scope of Implementation includes Specify project goals and objectives. Specify what types of testing performed (unit, functional and system integration testing). Specify the details of User Acceptance Testing Who from the Business tested? Reflect in the presentation how many tests were performed and how many were not. Add information on all contentious issues, reflect relevant information.

Indicate in the presentation the level of confidentiality of the project. It can be high, medium and low. Perhaps the project has access levels. Reflect what level of confidentiality is at each access level.

Show in the presentation the results of the project implementation planning. Namely, Go-Live Plan, Roll-Back Plan, Communication Plan, Operational Hand-Off Plan and Contact List.

On the last slide Go / No-Go Decision Presentation. Post your pros and cons for Go / No-Go. This will be the basis for discussion during the meeting.