Key stakeholders on project

Project Management Essentials: Engage Key Stakeholders

Suzette Blakemore, author and FranklinCovey consultant, shares the importance of engaging key stakeholders throughout a project. She joins Scott Miller for F...
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Key stakeholders on every project include:

■ Project manager—the individual responsible for managing the project.

■ Customer—the individual or organization that will use the project’s product. There may be multiple layers of customers. For example, the customers for a new pharmaceutical product may include the doctors who prescribe it, the patients who take it, and the insurers who pay for it. In some application areas, customer and user are synonymous, while in others customer refers to the entity purchasing the project’s results and users are those who will directly use the project’s product.

■ Performing organization—the enterprise whose employees are most directly involved in doing the work of the project.

■ Project team members—the group that is performing the work of the project.

■ Sponsor—the individual or group within or external to the performing organization that provides the financial resources, in cash or in kind, for the project.