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Project Dependency Matrix Template is a template of Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM, also known as the Design Precedence Matrix or Problem Solving Matrix). DSM is basically a matrix showing which tasks need to be completed before a particular task can start in project and program management.

Dependency Matrix Template is really useful for small projects. For a small project, create a table where in the first column and in the first line list the project tasks. Then, for each task that depends on another, in the cell at the intersection of tasks, put a cross. So you will see that for example a PR-release and SMM depend on each other, but quality control depend only on product development.

Project Interdependency Mapping Template is a graphical representation template of the basic interdependency information found in the Profile. It centers on the project and illustrates the capabilities required or being delivered as well as the dependent or contributing organization/initiatives. Project Interdependency Map has been very effective in communicating a project's complexity. Typical project maps range from 10 to 50 interdependencies, providing a very effective illustration of the project's external influences.

There are several forms of Project Dependency Matrix according to project time management. These are Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM), Arrow Diagramming Method (ADM), Conditional Diagramming Methods, Network Templates and others.