Project go no go checklist template

Your Project Kickoff Meeting Checklist

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One of the stages of the project construction is the feasibility. At this stage, the development of the project. The project is technically and economically justified. Developed and approved strategy. At the end of this stage, a decision is made to go or no go.

Project Go/No-Go Checklist Template is a template with the main points that influence the decision on the movement of the project. Thanks to filling out such a document, the decision is made to start a project or to finish it at the development stage.

To create a Go/No-Go Decision Template, it is convenient to use programs for working with tables. This could be Microsoft’s Excel, Google’s Spreadsheets, Apple’s Numbers and others.

To create a Go/No-Go Template in an Excel program, you need to take six simple steps: Collect Information, Gather Stakeholders, Determine the Factors to Be Considered, Brainstorm, Analyze, Make Decision.

Filling the Go/No-Go Checklist Template consists of three steps: Evaluate each item, Discuss the results and make decisions and Take actions.