Rom estimate template

Order of Magnitude Estimating (ROM)

Steps in quantifying area takeoffs and applying them to an Order of Magnitude Cost Estimate
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ROM Estimate Template is the template of the Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM). ROM is the type of cost estimation. Cost estimate is the approximation of the cost of a program, project, or operation.

ROM Estimate Template is a document that combines a set of all the resources that are necessary for the implementation of the project.

Rough Order of Magnitude Template can be made in various text editors. Often for a ROM template using a Word from Microsoft, Docs from Google or Pages from Apple. For a better visual presentation of data it is recommended to use programs that support tables.

ROM Template is a necessary document for the project manager on which the rationale for the project budget is based. A template for such a document is created before the start of the project. In the course of work, the template is filled with current data. A document created on the basis of such a template can be supplemented and edited until all final decisions on the project have been made.