Work breakdown structure pros and cons

Gestión de Proyectos con Project y Excel, 13 WBS Chart para crear EDT en forma de Arbol

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Work Breakdown Structure Pros And Cons is a number of advantages and disadvantages of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). These can be critical pros and cons that influence the decision to use WBS to manage a project or not to use it. Non-critical advantages and disadvantages do not affect the decision to use WBS, but are taken into account when calculating possible risks, delays and difficulties. It can also determine the additional benefits that the manager gets when using WBS in project management.

Work Breakdown Structure Cons includes the need for proactive interface management. Implementing the Work Breakdown Structure takes considerable time to distribute the workload. Time for planning, organizing, monitoring and analyzing needs to be allocated in advance. Potential problems of demarcation also exist.

Work Breakdown Structure Pros includes