Agile vs rad

What is Rapid Application Development

Conceived in the 1980s, rapid application development, or RAD, was the first development methodology to challenge traditional waterfall development practices...
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Agile vs RAD is a way to evaluate the disadvantages and advantages of Agile and Rad. And then choose the most suitable for work on a particular project.

Agile or Agile Software Development is a approach to software development under which requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams and their customers/end users. It advocates adaptive planning, evolutionary. Agile term was popularized by the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. The values and principles espoused in this manifesto were derived from and underpin a broad range of software development frameworks, which include Scrum and Kanban.

RAD or Rapid-Application Development or Rapid-Application building (RAB) is a a general term, used to refer to adaptive software development approaches, as well as the name for James Martin's approach to rapid development. In general, RAD approaches to software development put less emphasis on planning and more emphasis on an adaptive process. Prototypes are often used in addition to or sometimes even in place of design specifications. Other approaches to rapid development include the adaptive, agile, spiral, and unified models.